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An all-metallic logic gate based on current-driven domain wall motion

Xu, Peng and Xia, Ke and Gu, Changzhi and Tang, Ling and Yang, Haifang and Li, Junjie (2008) An all-metallic logic gate based on current-driven domain wall motion. NATURE NANOTECHNOLOGY, 3 (2). pp. 97-100. ISSN ISSN: 1748-3387; EISSN: 1748-3395

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The walls of magnetic domains can become trapped in a ferromagnetic metallic point contact when the thickness of the film and the width of the contact are less than their critical values'. The discovery that domain walls can be moved from such constrictions by a sufficiently large current has attracted considerable attention from researchers working on both fundamental research and potential applications(2-12). Here we show that Invar nanocontacts fabricated on silica substrates exhibit a sharp drop in resistance with increasing bias voltage at room temperature in the absence of an applied magnetic field. Moreover, when two nanocontacts are combined in an all-metallic comparison circuit, it is possible to perform logical NOT operations. The use of electrical currents rather than applied magnetic fields to control the domain walls also reduces energy consumption and the risk of crosstalk in devices(13,14).

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