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Vesicles from Pluronic/poly(lactic acid) block copolymers as new carriers for oral insulin delivery

Xiong, Xiang Yuan and Li, Yu Ping and Li, Zi Ling and Zhou, Chun Li and Tam, Kam Chiu and Liu, Zhi Yong and Xie, Guo Xiu (2007) Vesicles from Pluronic/poly(lactic acid) block copolymers as new carriers for oral insulin delivery. Journal of Controlled Release, 120 (1-2). 11 - 17.

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The morphologies of poly(lactic acid)-b-Pluronic-b-poly(lactic acid) (PLA-F127-PLA) aggregates in aqueous solutions were reported previously to be vesicular nano-particles by our group. In the present study, we seek to investigate the feasibility of using PLA-F127-PLA vesicles as oral delivery carrier for insulin. Both in vitro and in vivo release behavior of insulin loaded in PLA-F127-PLA vesicles were studied. A biphasic release behavior was observed for the in vitro release of insulin from PLAF127-29 vesicles. More importantly, it was found in the diabetic mice tests that the blood glucose concentration of oral insulin-loaded PLAF127-29 vesicles decreased from 18.5 to 5.3 mmol/L within 4.5 h and the minimum blood glucose concentration (about 4.5 mmol/L) was achieved after about 5 h. Furthermore, the blood glucose concentration was maintained at this level for at least an additional 18.5 h. These results proved that PLA-F127-PLA vesicles could be promising polymeric carriers for oral insulin delivery application due to their prolonged hypoglycemic effect.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:PLA-F127-PLA block copolymer; Biocompatible; Vesicles; Insulin; Oral delivery
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