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Carbon nanotube based photocathodes

Hudanski, Ludovic and Minoux, Eric and Gangloff, Laurent and Teo, Kenneth B. K. and Schnell, Jean-Philippe and Xavier, Stephane and Robertson, John and Milne, William I. and Pribat, Didier and Legagneux, Pierre (2008) Carbon nanotube based photocathodes. NANOTECHNOLOGY, 19 (10).

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This paper describes a novel photocathode which is an array of vertically aligned multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs), each MWCNT being associated with one p-i-n photodiode. Unlike conventional photocathodes, the functions of photon-electron conversion and subsequent electron emission are physically separated. Photon-electron conversion is achieved with p-i-n photodiodes and the electron emission occurs from the MWCNTs. The current modulation is highly efficient as it uses an optically controlled reconfiguration of the electric field at the MWCNT locations. Such devices are compatible with high frequency and very large bandwidth operation and could lead to their application in compact, light and efficient microwave amplifiers for satellite telecommunication. To demonstrate this new photocathode concept, we have fabricated the first carbon nanotube based photocathode using silicon p-i-n photodiodes and MWCNT bunches. Using a green laser, this photocathode delivers 0.5 mA with an internal quantum efficiency of 10% and an I-ON/I-OFF ratio of 30.

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