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Epitaxial Catalyst-Free Growth of InN Nanorods on c-Plane Sapphire

Shalish, I. and Seryogin, G. and Yi, W. and Bao, J. M. and Zimmler, M. A. and Likovich, E. and Bell, D. C. and Capasso, F. and Narayanamurti, V. (2009) Epitaxial Catalyst-Free Growth of InN Nanorods on c-Plane Sapphire. Nanoscale Research Letters, 4 (6). pp. 532-537.

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We report observation of catalyst-free hydride vapor phase epitaxy growth of InN nanorods. Characterization of the nanorods with transmission electron microscopy, and X-ray diffraction show that the nanorods are stoichiometric 2H-InN single crystals growing in the [0001] orientation. The InN rods are uniform, showing very little variation in both diameter and length. Surprisingly, the rods show clear epitaxial relations with the c-plane sapphire substrate, despite about 29% of lattice mismatch. Comparing catalyst-free with Ni-catalyzed growth, the only difference observed is in the density of nucleation sites, suggesting that Ni does not work like the typical vapor-liquid-solid catalyst, but rather functions as a nucleation promoter by catalyzing the decomposition of ammonia. No conclusive photoluminescence was observed from single nanorods, while integrating over a large area showed weak wide emissions centered at 0.78 and at 1.9 eV.

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