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Nanoscale nonlinear optics in photonic-crystal fibres

Zheltikov, Aleksei (2006) Nanoscale nonlinear optics in photonic-crystal fibres. Journal of Optics A: Pure and Applied Optics, 8 (4). S47-S72.

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Photonic-crystal fibres with submicrometre waveguiding channels enhance nonlinear-optical processes, leading to unique regimes of nanoscale nonlinear-optical interactions. Here we provide an overview of the basic physical mechanisms behind the remarkable nonlinear-optical performance of micro- and nanochannel waveguides and discuss physically different scenarios of nonlinear-optical spectral and temporal transformations of ultrashort pulses in silica and multicomponent-glass photonic-crystal fibres, as well as in natural submicrometre waveguides encountered in biological objects. Small-size waveguides in photonic-crystal fibres with carefully optimized dispersion are used for the frequency shifting and shaping of ultrashort laser pulses, offering much promise for the creation of novel compact and convenient light sources for nonlinear spectroscopy.

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