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X-ray lasing upon two-pulse irradiation of targets on the picosecond SOKOL-P facility

Andriyash, Aleksandr V and Vikhlyaev, D A and Gavrilov, D S and Dmitrov, D A and Zapysov, A L and Kakshin, A G and Loboda, E A and Lykov, V A and Magda, E P and Politov, V Yu and Potapov, A V and Pronin, V A and Rykovanov, G N and Sukhanov, V N and Tishchenko, A S and Ugodenko, A A and Chefonov, O V (2006) X-ray lasing upon two-pulse irradiation of targets on the picosecond SOKOL-P facility. Quantum Electronics, 36 (6). pp. 511-514.

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The results of experimental studies of the X-ray lasing on the 3p--3s transitions of neon-like titanium ions are presented. The laser radiation at 1.054 mm was focused to a [?]30-mm wide line of length from 2 to 8 mm. Plane polished titanium plates were successively irradiated by two pulses: a 400-ps prepulse and a 4-ps main pump pulse delayed by 1.5 ns relative to the prepulse. The total laser energy was 8-10 J. The nanosecond-to-picosecond pulse energy ratio was maintained constant and was equal to 1:3. For a short target length (from 2 to 4 mm), the 326-A line intensity was experimentally observed to grow exponentially with length. The small-signal gain for the X-ray laser radiation is estimated at approximately 30 cm-1. The X-ray laser beam divergence was equal to about 9 mrad.

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