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Small-scale phase separation in doped anisotropic antiferromagnets

Kagan, M Yu and Kugel, K I and Rakhmanov, A L and Pazhitnykh, K S (2006) Small-scale phase separation in doped anisotropic antiferromagnets. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 18 (48). pp. 10905-10914.

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We analyse the possibility of nanoscale phase separation manifesting itself in the formation of ferromagnetic (FM) polarons (FM droplets) in the general situation of doped anisotropic three- and two-dimensional antiferromagnets. In these cases, we calculate the shape of the most energetically favourable droplets. We show that the binding energy and the volume of a FM droplet in the three-dimensional (3D) case depend upon only two universal parameters <br />bar J=(J<sub>x</sub>+J<sub>y</sub>+ J<sub>z</sub>)S^}2 and teff = (txtytz)1/3, where <br />bar J and teff are effective antiferromagnetic (AFM) exchange and hopping integrals, respectively. In the two-dimensional (2D) case these parameters have the form <br />bar J=(J<sub>x</sub>+ J<sub>y</sub>)S^2 and teff = (txty)1/2. The most favourable shape of a ferromagnetic droplet corresponds to an ellipse in the 2D case and to an ellipsoid in the 3D case.

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