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NMR and spin relaxation in systems with magnetic nanoparticles

Noginova, N and Weaver, T and King, M and Bourlinos, A B and Giannelis, E P and Atsarkin, V A (2007) NMR and spin relaxation in systems with magnetic nanoparticles. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 19 (7). 076210 (10pp).

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The 1H NMR spectra and spin dynamics of the host systems have been studied in liquid and solid suspensions of g-Fe2O3 nanoparticles. Significant broadening of 1H NMR spectra and growing relaxation rates were observed with increased concentration of nanoparticles in the liquid systems, with the relation T1/T2 depending on the particular host. Solid systems demonstrate inhomogeneous broadening of the spectra and practically no dependence of T1 upon the nanoparticle concentration. We explain the experimental results taking into account the predomination of self-diffusion as a source of the relaxation in liquid suspensions, and estimate effective parameters of relaxation in the systems under study.

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