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Ultrathin NbN film superconducting single-photon detector array

Smirnov, K and Korneev, A and Minaeva, O and Divochiy, A and Tarkhov, M and Ryabchun, S and Seleznev, V and Kaurova, N and Voronov, B and Gol'tsman, G and Polonsky, S (2007) Ultrathin NbN film superconducting single-photon detector array. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 61 . pp. 1081-1085.

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We report on the fabrication process of the 2 x 2 superconducting single-photon detector (SSPD) array. The SSPD array is made from ultrathin NbN film and is operated at liquid helium temperatures. Each detector is a nanowire-based structure patterned by electron beam lithography process. The advances in fabrication technology allowed us to produce highly uniform strips and preserve superconducting properties of the unpatterned film. SSPD exhibit up to 30% quantum efficiency in near infrared and up to 1% at 5-mm wavelength. Due to 120 MHz counting rate and 18 ps jitter, the time-domain multiplexing read-out is proposed for large scale SSPD arrays. Single-pixel SSPD has already found a practical application in non-invasive testing of semiconductor very-large scale integrated circuits. The SSPD significantly outperformed traditional single-photon counting avalanche diodes.

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