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Charge Carrier Mobility in Films of Carbon-Nanotube- Polymer Composites

Tameev, A R and Jimenez, L Licea and Pereshivko, L Ya and Rychwalski, R W and Vannikov, A V (2007) Charge Carrier Mobility in Films of Carbon-Nanotube- Polymer Composites. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 61 . pp. 1152-1156.

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Electron and hole mobility in a sandwich-like structure ITO/polymer composite/Al based on a blend of single-wall carbon nanotubes (SWNT) and poly-N-vinylcarbazole (PVK) was studied with conventional time-of-flight (TOF) techniques and current-voltage characteristics in the steady-state mode. In SWNT (0.26 wt.%)- PVK films, transient currents exhibit dispersive behavior of the charge carrier transport for both electrons and holes. Within the range of electric field applied in the TOF experiments, electron mobility is ranged between (1.2 - 4.5) × 10−6 cm2/(V × s) and is higher than hole mobility by a factor of 5. Minor increasing of the SWNT concentration in the composite leads to formation of the more efficient charge transport network. Conductivity of the SWNT-PVK composite including 0.43 wt.% of SWNTs is found to be two orders of magnitude large than that of the PVK-SWNT containing 0.26 wt.% of of SWNTs. A simple model describing charge carrier transport through the SWNT-PVK blend is proposed.

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