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Bulk nanostructured carbon phases prepared from C60: approaching the 'ideal' hardness

Brazhkin, Vadim V and Solozhenko, Vladimir L and Bugakov, Vasilii I and Dub, Sergei N and Kurakevych, Oleksandr O and Kondrin, Mikhail V and Lyapin, Alexander G (2007) Bulk nanostructured carbon phases prepared from C60: approaching the 'ideal' hardness. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 19 (23). 236209 (7pp).

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New nanomaterials have been prepared by high-temperature treatment of fullerite C60 at moderate (0.1–1.5 GPa) pressures attainable for large-volume pressure apparatus. The structure, EELS spectra, Raman spectra, hardness and elastic moduli of these carbon substances have been studied. The materials have a high (90%) elastic recovery, fairly high hardness H~10–15 GPa and record values of the hardness-to-Young-modulus ratio H/E~0.22. The observed hardness is close to the 'ideal' limit, which is associated with the nanostructure of the materials. This structure represents a combination of interlinked curved fragments of C60 molecules and nanographite nuclei.

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