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Formation of nanostructures at the glass-carbon surface exposed to laser radiation

Abramov, D V and Gerke, M N and Kucherik, A O and Kutrovskaya, S V and Prokoshev, V G and Arakelyan, S M (2007) Formation of nanostructures at the glass-carbon surface exposed to laser radiation. Quantum Electronics, 37 (11). pp. 1051-1054.

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An experimental technique for obtaining nanostructures in the field of high-power laser radiation at the surface of carbon materials is developed. A specific feature of this technique is the formation of liquid carbon inside the region of laser action in the sample exposed to radiation in air at a pressure of [?]1 atm. Several types of nanostructures (quasi-domains and nanopeaks) are detected in the laser cavern and beyond the range of laser action. Mechanisms of formation of such structures are proposed. The formation of quasi-domains is related to crystallisation of the melt. The nanopeak groups are formed outside the laser action region during the deposition of hot vapours of the material escaping from this region. The dependences of the variation in morphological properties of the nanostructures on the duration of laser action and the radii of typical cavern zones on the laser radiation power are obtained.

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