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Acoustic solitons in semiconductor nanostructures

Akimov, A V and Scherbakov, A V and van Capel, P J S and Dijkhuis, J I and Berstermann, T and Yakovlev, D R and Bayer, M (2007) Acoustic solitons in semiconductor nanostructures. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 92 . 012002 (8pp).

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The present lecture gives the review of recent studies where acoustic solitons strongly influence the electron states in a semiconductor nanostructure. The amplitude of soliton pulses is so high that the electron states in a quantum well make temporal excursions in energy up to 10 meV. The subpicosecond duration of the solitons is less than the coherence time of the optical transition between the electron states and a frequency modulation of emitted light during the coherence time (chirping effect) is observed.

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