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Low-temperature charge transport in photosensitive nanocrystalline PbTe(In) films

Dobrovolsky, A and Dashevsky, Z and Kasiyan, V and Ryabova, L and Khokhlov, D (2009) Low-temperature charge transport in photosensitive nanocrystalline PbTe(In) films. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 150 (2). 022009 (4pp).

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We have investigated conductivity of the PbTe(In) nanocrystalline films in dc and ac modes at temperatures 4.2-300 K in the frequency interval 20 Hz - 1 MHz in darkness and under illumination. Conductivity of the as-grown films is determined by charge transport along the inversion channels at the grain surface and activation (or tunneling) through the grain barriers. Persistent photoconductivity appears in the films due to spatial separation of non-equilibrium charge carriers at temperatures lower 150 K. As grown films have been annealed in oxygen at 300 degC and 350 degC. Oxidation at 300 degC leads to resistivity increase, grain barrier height growth and higher photoresponse . Annealing at 350 degC results in resistivity reduction and photoresponse decrease. The main contribution to charge transport at low temperature in this case is related to the hopping conductivity along the inversion channels.

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