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Growth and melting of silicon supported silver nanocluster films

Bhattacharyya, S R and Datta, D and Shyjumon, I and Smirnov, B M and Chini, T K and Ghose, D and Hippler, R (2009) Growth and melting of silicon supported silver nanocluster films. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 42 (3). 035306 (9pp).

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Thin films of silver nanoclusters deposited on Si substrates are studied using scanning electron microscopy along with energy dispersive x-ray spectrometry. The nanoclusters are produced by dc magnetron sputtering followed by gas aggregation in a dense buffer gas. The film deposition is performed in a low impact energy regime with mass (size) selected clusters. These clusters were treated with rapid thermal annealing that gives an idea about the melting and evaporation mechanism of silver nanoclusters. Subsequent annealing of the grown silver film allows one to analyse the structure of the film and the character of its evolution. At room temperature, deposited clusters are distributed randomly, and annealing of the film leads to joining of clusters-monomers in non-compact clusters. At high temperatures, evaporation of clusters takes place. Parameters of the processes under consideration are estimated.

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