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Low temperature magnetotransport in RB6 (R = Pr, Nd)

Anisimov, M A and Bogach, A V and Glushkov, V V and Demishev, S V and Samarin, N A and Shitsevalova, N Yu and Sluchanko, N E (2009) Low temperature magnetotransport in RB6 (R = Pr, Nd). Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 150 (4). 042005 (4pp).

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Low temperature magnetoresistance (MR) has been studied on RB6 (R=Pr, Nd) single crystals at temperatures in the range 2–20 K in magnetic fields H≤8 T. The small and negative MR is observed in paramagnetic (PM) phase and it changes to a large positive MR effect in antiferromagnetic (AFM) states of PrB6 and NdB6. The analysis of the experimental data allowed us to deduce three contributions to MR in PrB6 and NdB6. In addition to the main Brillouin type negative component -Δ~Mloc2~H2 which is interpreted in terms of K. Yosida theory both the linear and nonlinear magnetic contributions were also established. The detailed analysis permited us to interpret the last component in terms of the MR response from ferromagnetic (FM) nanodomains embedded in the metallic RB6 matrix. The results of the study allow to conclude in favour of the concurence between AFM and FM interactions as the reason of incommensurate (IC) magnetic structure formation in RB6 (R=Pr, Nd).

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