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Why Tc of LSCO is so low but T* is so high?

Ivanenko, O and Mitsen, K (2009) Why Tc of LSCO is so low but T* is so high? Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 150 (5). 052080 (4pp).

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We propose the microstructural model of La2-xSrxCuO4, which supposes simultaneous coexistence in CuO2 plane of nanodomains with various types of doped hole ordering. The model is based on earlier proposed mechanism of negative-U centers (NUC) formation in HTSC under doping. In accordance with proposed mechanism such nanodomain structure in underdoped (overdoped) sample results in simultaneous coexistence of superconducting and insulating (normal metal) nanodomains. Bulk superconductivity arises thanks to the Josephson links between superconducting microdomains, whose Tc,T* and Tv are defined by number NUC's involved in the given nanodomain. In the framework of the presented model we have calculated La2-xSrxCuO4 phase diagram, which was found to be in the remarkable agreement with the experimental one.

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