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Cavity with an embedded polarized film: an adapted spectral approach

Caputo, J-G and Kazantseva, E V and Loukitch, L and Maimistov, A I (2009) Cavity with an embedded polarized film: an adapted spectral approach. Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, 42 (16). 165204 (18pp).

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We consider the modes of the electric field of a cavity with an embedded polarized dielectric film. The model consists in the classical Maxwell equations coupled to a Duffing oscillator for the film which we assume infinitely thin. We derive the normal modes of the system and show that they are orthogonal with a special scalar product which we introduce. These modes are well suited to describe the system even for a film of finite thickness. By acting on the film we demonstrate switching from one cavity mode to another. Since the system is linear, little energy is needed for this conversion. Moreover the amplitude equations describe very well this complex system under different perturbations (damping, forcing and nonlinearity) with very few modes. These results are very general and can be applied to different situations like for an atom in a cavity or a Josephson junction in a capacitor and this could be very useful for many nano-physics applications.

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