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Fabrication and photoluminescence of highly crystalline GaN and GaN:Mg nanoparticles

Ogi, Takashi and Itoh, Yoshifumi and Abdullah, Mikrajuddin and Iskandar, Ferry and Azuma, Yasushi and Okuyama, Kikuo (2005) Fabrication and photoluminescence of highly crystalline GaN and GaN:Mg nanoparticles. Journal of Crystal Growth , 281 . pp. 234-241.

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Well-dispersed nano-sized gallium nitride (GaN) and magnesium-doped GaN (GaN:Mg) particles were successfully prepared fromnano-sized galliumoxide (Ga2O3) particles under a flow of ammonia gas. The gallium oxide nanoparticles were prepared from mixtures of gallium nitrate aqueous solution and ammonia solution that were heated to between 600 and 800 1C. Addition of a proportional amount of ammonia into the solution is a key point for production of well-dispersed nano-sized galliumoxide particles. Gallium oxide nanoparticles less than 20 nmin size were obtained when using an NH3 to Ga(NO3)3 ratio of 1:1 (mol/mol) with a heating temperature of 800 1C. Nitridation of gallium oxide nanoparticles under a flow of ammonia at a heating temperature of 800 1C resulted in nano-sized GaN particles less than 40 nmin size. We investigated the effects of preparation conditions such as solution composition and operating temperature on the characteristics of gallium nitride particles. This method allows simple doping of GaN with alkali earth metals. It was shown that the doping with magnesium resulted in intense blue luminescence from particles when UV excitation at 254nm was used.

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