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Trends and frontiers of MEMS

Ko, Wen H. (2007) Trends and frontiers of MEMS. Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, 136 (1). 62 - 67.

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Since 1988, the MEMS has advanced from the early stage of technology development, device exploration, and laboratory research, to the mature stage of mass production and applications, as well as launched exploration and research in many new areas. For the trends of MEMS in the next 5–10 years, people with different background would have different views and projections. This article will present examples to illustrate the suggested future trends, as some of us see it. From the present MEMS orientation, the future trends of MEMS can be suggested as below: 1. Transfer the traditional useful MEMS to large scale applications, to establish mass markets. This would build up MEMS industries to support the sustained MEMS research and development. There are two major directions: (A) Reduce cost, raise yield and efficiency to cultivate mass markets. (B) Raise system performance to meet the special needs. 2. MEMS network. There are needs of having many different functional systems and many similar functional systems working together to perform required big tasks. 3. New materials. Besides silicon and semiconductors, many other materials can be used for MEMS. 4. Explore new frontiers. Many new Frontiers of research and application were developing. More will be open up. Such as: (A) biological research and medical instruments; (B) micro-energy sources—micro-fuel cells, environmental energy converters, remote energy supply techniques, etc.; (C) radio frequency and optical/IFR communication; (D) environmental monitoring, and protection; (E) ocean and water-way studies; (F) nano-micro-mixed technology. This article attempts to present the views of some MEMS educators and researchers in an over simplified form. It is hoping that this would stimulate more valuable discussions that may be valuable to planners of MEMS development and general readers.

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