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Design and characterization of microfabricated piezoresistive floating element-based shear stress sensors

Barlian, A. Alvin and Park, Sung-Jin and Mukundan, Vikram and Pruitt, Beth L. (2007) Design and characterization of microfabricated piezoresistive floating element-based shear stress sensors. Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, 134 (1). 77 - 87.

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This paper presents the design, fabrication, and characterization of unique piezoresistive microfabricated shear stress sensors for direct measurements of shear stress underwater. Sidewall-implanted piezoresistors measure lateral force (integrated shear stress) and traditional top-implanted piezoresistors detect normal forces. In addition to the oblique-implant technique, the fabrication process includes a hydrogen anneal step to smooth scalloped silicon sidewalls left by the deep reactive ion etch (DRIE) process. This step was found to reduce the 1/f noise level by almost an order of magnitude for the sidewall-implanted piezoresistors. Lateral sensitivity was characterized using a microfabricated silicon cantilever force sensor. Out-of-plane sensitivity was evaluated by laser Doppler vibrometry and resonance of the plate element. In-plane sensitivity and out-of-plane crosstalk were characterized, as well as hysteresis and repeatability of the measurements. TSUPREM-4 simulations were used to investigate the discrepancies between the theoretical and experimental values of sidewall-implanted piezoresistor sensitivity. The sensors are designed to be used underwater for studies of hydrodynamic flows.

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Additional Information:International Mechanical Engineering congress and Exposition 2005 - IMECE 2005, American Society of Mechanical Engineering International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition
Uncontrolled Keywords:Shear stress sensor; In-plane force; Out-of-plane force; Piezoresistors; Piezoresistive; Ion implantation; Oblique-implant; Underwater; Floating element; MEMS; Micromachined
Subjects:Analytical Science > Nanotechnology for sensing and actuating
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