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Principles of space-charge based bi-stable MEMS: The junction-MEMS

Sallese, Jean-Michel and Bouvet, Didier (2007) Principles of space-charge based bi-stable MEMS: The junction-MEMS. Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, 133 (1). 173 - 179.

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We propose a theoretical investigation of a new principle of bi-stable MEMS based on the remnant electrostatic force generated by the space-charge density that builds up when two semiconductors, having different doping densities, are brought into contact. Following a physical description of the device, a complete analytical formulation of some key parameters such as the pull-in and pull-out voltages could be obtained. The model reveals that both closed and open configurations of the switch MEMS can be stable states at zero applied voltage. The impact of the different technological parameters is also discussed in details, supporting that the so-called junction-MEMS might be an interesting alternative to address bi-stability in MEMS, still remaining fully compatible with the standard microelectronics technologies.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:MEMS; RF; Space-charge; Bi-stability; Switch; Junction
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