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Natural rubber nanocomposites with SiC nanoparticles and carbon nanotubes

Kueseng, K. and Jacob, K.I. (2006) Natural rubber nanocomposites with SiC nanoparticles and carbon nanotubes. European Polymer Journal , 42 . pp. 220-227.

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Single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) and SiC nanoparticles were dispersed in natural rubber (NR) polymer solution and subsequently evaporated the solvent to prepare NR nanocomposites. Using this technique, nanoparticles can be better dispersed in the NR matrix. The influence of nano-fillers on the mechanical properties of the resulting nanocomposites was quantified. Mechanical test results show an increase in the initial modulus with nanoscale reinforcements for up to 50% strain compared to pure NR. The modulus and strength of natural rubber with 1.5% SiC nanoparticles appear to be superior to those of SWNTs with the same filler content. In addition to mechanical testing, these nanocomposites were studied using the SEM and Raman spectroscopy techniques in order to understand the morphology of the resulting system and the load transfer mechanism, respectively. The Raman spectrum of the SWNT/NR system is characterized by a strong band at 1595 cm1 (G mode—C–C stretching) and other two bands at 1300 cm1 (D mode-disorder induced) and 2590 cm1 (D* band). A shift of the 2590 cm1 Raman band to the lower wavenumber was observed after subjecting SWNT/NR sample to cyclic stress testing. Ageing SWNT/NR specimen in distilled water for 30 days also provided a similar result. The Raman shift in aged samples indicates internal stress transfer from the natural rubber matrix to the SWNTs implying the existence of bonding at the interface.

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