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Micro-fabrication of silicon/ceramic hybrid cantilever for atomic force microscope and sensor applications

Wakayama, Takayuki and Kobayashi, Toshinari and Iwata, Nobuya and Tanifuji, Nozomi and Matsuda, Yasuaki and Yamada, Syoji (2006) Micro-fabrication of silicon/ceramic hybrid cantilever for atomic force microscope and sensor applications. Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, 126 (1). 159 - 164.

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A fabrication process for a silicon (Si)/ceramic hybrid cantilever, proposed for obtaining even homogeneous quality and low cost micro/nano-cantilever products, is described and the preliminary results of using this type of cantilever as a probe in an atomic force microscope (AFM) and a gas sensor are reported. The Si/ceramic hybrid cantilever essentially consists of a Si beam (with a Si tip) and a ceramic pedestal as usual, but the ceramic used here is a glass-based composite which can be processed very precisely (>10 μm) by usual micro-fabrication machine tools. The Si beams with a small slab fabricated from a wafer using a batch fabrication method are attached to the transfer substrate and then bonded on the ceramic pedestal with epoxy glue by using a manual photo-mask aligner. This assembly process has difficulties to treat very thin Si slab (with beam) with 10 μm order positioning accuracy and glue thickness. After the fabrication process, the hybrid cantilever with a tip is applied successively to obtain an AFM image of the standard sample. We report here also a primitive trial toward gas (humid) sensor applications of the hybrid cantilever. For this purpose, the end of the beam (with no tip) was selectively modified with zeolite crystals as a gas sensing material and the resonance frequency change due to the gas adsorption was measured and analyzed. It was found that in order to realize a highly sensitive and low cost gas sensor, the results obtained here should be improved further in the problems of the high accuracy measurement of resonance frequency as well as the control of the adsorption material.

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