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Electromechanical and fluidic evaluation of the resonant microfan gas pump and aerosol collector

Linderman, Ryan J. and Nilsen, Oyvind and Bright, Victor M. (2005) Electromechanical and fluidic evaluation of the resonant microfan gas pump and aerosol collector. Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, 118 (1). 162 - 170.

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This paper reports on the fluidic and electromechanical performance of the resonant microfan as an in-channel gas pump and suspended airborne particle collector. Experiments with parametric resonant fan arrays were performed in order to observe the dependence of the volumetric flow rate in a test channel with respect to changes fan length, resonant frequency and deflection. Flow rates of approximately 10 μl/min were produced by single fans with the flow increasing by 270% for three fans operated simultaneously in the same channel (the capability exists for many fans to be arrayed in a microchannel system). Because optimum operation of microfan series arrays is strongly related to frequency selectivity and non-uniformities in the fabrication process, the mechanical Q-factor was measured in order to estimate the reduction in deflection amplitude that occurs when fans are driven at frequencies slightly off resonance. The Q-factor of several different fan designs ranged from 10 to 43 in a standard air environment. The ability of the microfan to collect and transport suspended airborne particles was also experimentally studied using circular fan edge profiles and laser illumination of particles.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Microfan; Pump; Fuel cells; Environmental sensors; Aerosol; Forced convection
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