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Crystal structure and magnetic properties of hard magnetic Sm2Fe17Nδ thin films with Co substitution

Peng, L. and Yang, Q.H. and Zhang, H.W. and Song, Y.Q. and Shen, J. (2009) Crystal structure and magnetic properties of hard magnetic Sm2Fe17Nδ thin films with Co substitution. Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 321 . pp. 442-445.

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The crystalstructureandmagneticpropertiesofthehardmagneticSm2(Fe1xCox)17Nd thin films preparedbydcmagnetronsputteringandsubsequentnitrogenationprocesswereinvestigated.Itis foundthattheNcontentandcrystalstructuredeterminethenon-monotonicdependenceofthe coercivity HC on nitridingtemperatureforthefilmswith x ¼ 0. Withnitridingtemperatureexceeding 300 1C, NatomscanentertheSm2Fe17 phase andtheNcontentincreaseswithincreasingnitriding temperature,whichleadstoanincreasedcoercivity.However,themaximumvalueofthe HC is observed at 400 1C. The a-Fe softphaseappearswithnitridingtemperaturefurtherincreasingto500 1C, whichis responsible forthedecreased HC. When x is between0and0.36,thefilmsexhibitsingleTh2Zn17-type structure. Coatomsarefoundtogointothelatticeofthe2:17phase,generatinganenhancedexchange couplinginteractionbetweenthenano-grains,whichisresponsiblefortheimprovedhardmagnetic properties ofthefilmswithCosubstitutionatacertainrange.Especially,theoptimalvalueofthe coercivity HC and remanenceratio MR/MS reaches 4.0kOeand0.70forthefilmswith x ¼ 0.17and0.36, respectively.

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