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Screening-limited response of nanobiosensors

Nair, Pradeep R. and Alam, Muhammad A. (2008) Screening-limited response of nanobiosensors. NANO LETTERS, 8 (5). pp. 1281-1285.

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Despite tremendous potential of highly sensitive electronic detection of biomolecules by nanoscale biosensors for genomics and proteomic applications, many aspects of experimentally observed sensor response (S) are difficult to understand within isolated theoretical frameworks of kinetic response or electrolyte screening. In this paper, we combine analytic solutions of Poisson-Boltzmann and diffusion-capture equations to show that the electrostatic screening within an ionic environment limits the response of nanobiosensor such that S(t) similar to c(t)(In(rho(0)) - In(I-0)/2 + In(t)/D-F + c(2)[pH]) + c(3) where c(i) are geometry-dependent constants, rho(0) is the concentration of target molecules, 10 the salt concentration, and D-F the fractal dimension of sensor surface. Our analysis provides a coherent theoretical interpretation of a wide variety of puzzling experimental data that have so far defied intuitive explanation.

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