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Wafer-scale assembly of highly ordered semiconductor nanowire arrays by contact printing

Fan, Zhiyong and Ho, Johnny C. and Jacobson, Zachery A. and Yerushalmi, Role and Alley, Robert L. and Razavi, Haleh and Javey, Ali (2008) Wafer-scale assembly of highly ordered semiconductor nanowire arrays by contact printing. NANO LETTERS, 8 (1). pp. 20-25.

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Controlled and uniform assembly of ``bottom-up'' nanowire (NW) materials with high scalability presents one of the significant bottleneck challenges facing the integration of nanowires for electronic applications. Here, we demonstrate wafer-scale assembly of highly ordered, dense, and regular arrays of NWs with high uniformity and reproducibility through a simple contact printing process. The assembled NW pitch is shown to be readily modulated through the surface chemical treatment of the receiver substrate, with the highest density approaching similar to 8 Wpm, similar to 95% directional alignment, and wafer-scale uniformity. Such fine control in the assembly is attained by applying a lubricant during the contact printing process which significantly minimizes the NW-NW mechanical interactions, therefore enabling well-controlled transfer of nanowires through surface chemical binding interactions. Furthermore, we demonstrate that our printing approach enables large-scale integration of NW arrays for various device structures on both rigid silicon and flexible plastic substrates, with a controlled semiconductor channel width ranging from a single NW (similar to 10 nm) up to similar to 250 mu m, consisting of a parallel array of over 1250 NWs and delivering over 1 mA of ON current.

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