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LiMn2O4–yBry Nanoparticles Synthesized by a Room Temperature Solid-State Coordination Method

Huang, Yudai and Jiang, Rongrong and Bao, Shu-Juan and Cao, Yali and Jia, Dianzeng (2009) LiMn2O4–yBry Nanoparticles Synthesized by a Room Temperature Solid-State Coordination Method. Nanoscale Research Letters, 4 (4). pp. 353-358. ISSN 1931-7573 (Print) 1556-276X (Online)

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LiMn2O4–y Br y nanoparticles were synthesized successfully for the first time by a room temperature solid-state coordination method. X-ray diffractometry patterns indicated that the LiMn2O4–y Br y powders were well-crystallized pure spinel phase. Transmission electron microscopy images showed that the LiMn2O4–y Br y powders consisted of small and uniform nanosized particles. Synthesis conditions such as the calcination temperature and the content of Br− were investigated to optimize the ideal condition for preparing LiMn2O4–y Br y with the best electrochemical performances. The optimized synthesis condition was found in this work; the calcination temperature is 800 °C and the content of Br− is 0.05. The initial discharge capacity of LiMn2O3.95Br0.05 obtained from the optimized synthesis condition was 134 mAh/g, which is far higher than that of pure LiMn2O4, indicating introduction of Br− in LiMn2O4 is quite effective in improving the initial discharge capacity.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:LiMn2O4–y Br y - Nanoparticles - Room temperature solid-state coordination method - Lithium–ion battery
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