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Cavity QED with semiconductor nanocrystals

Le Thomas, N and Woggon, U and Schops, O and Artemyev, M. V. and Kazes, M and Banin, Uri (2006) Cavity QED with semiconductor nanocrystals. NANO LETTERS, 6 (3). pp. 557-561.

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We report on a strongly coupled cavity quantum electrodynamic (CQED) system consisting of a CdSe nanocrystal coupled to a single photon mode of a polymer microsphere. The strong exciton-photon coupling is manifested by the observation of a cavity mode splitting h Omega(exp) between 30 und 45 mu eV and photon lifetime measurements of the coupled exciton-photon state. The single photon mode is isolated by lifting the mode degeneracy in a slightly deformed microsphere cavity and addressing it by high-resolution imaging spectroscopy. This cavity mode is coupled to a localized exciton of an anisotropically shaped CdSe nanocrystal that emits highly polarized light in resonance to the cavity mode and that was placed in the maximum electromagnetic field close to the microsphere surface. The exciton confined in the CdSe nanorod exhibits an optical transition dipole moment much larger than that of atoms, the standard system for COED experiments, and a low-temperature homogeneous line width much narrower than the high-Q cavity mode width. The observation of strong coupling in a colloidal semiconductor nanocrystal-cavity system opens the way to study fundamental quantum-optics phenomena and to implement quantum information processing concepts that work in the visible spectral range and are based on solid-state nanomaterials.

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