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Metallic photonic crystals based on solution-processible gold nanoparticles

Zhang, Xinping and Sun, Baoquan and Friend, Richard H. and Guo, Hongcang and Nau, Dietmar and Giessen, Harald (2006) Metallic photonic crystals based on solution-processible gold nanoparticles. NANO LETTERS, 6 (4). pp. 651-655.

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We demonstrate the fabrication of metallic photonic crystals, in the form of a periodic array of gold nanowires on a waveguide, by spin-coating a colloidal gold suspension onto a photoresist mask and subsequent annealing. The photoresist mask with a period below 500 nm is manufactured by interference lithography on an indium tin oxide (ITO) glass substrate, where the ITO layer has a thickness around 210 nm and acts as the waveguide. The width of the nanowires can be controlled from 100 to 300 nm by changing the duty cycle of the mask. During evaporation of solvent, the gold nanoparticles are drawn to the grooves of the grating with apparently complete dewetting off the photoresist for channels less than 2 mu m in width, which therefore form nanowires after the annealing process. Strong coupling between the waveguide mode and the plasmon resonance of the nanowires, which is dependent on the polarization and incidence angle of the light wave, is demonstrated by optical extinction measurements. Continuity of the nanowires is confirmed by conductivity properties. Simplicity, high processing speed, and low cost are the main advantages of this method, which may have a plethora of applications in telecommunication, all-optical switching, sensors, and semiconductor devices.

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