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Growth related aspects of epitaxial nanowires

Johansson, J and Wacaser, B. A. and Dick, K. A. and Seifert, W (2006) Growth related aspects of epitaxial nanowires. NANOTECHNOLOGY, 17 (11). S355-S361.

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We use metal - organic vapour phase epitaxy for growth investigations of epitaxial nanowires in III - V materials, such as GaAs, GaP, InAs, and InP. In this paper we focus on gold assisted growth of nanowires. The nature of the metal particle - whether it is in the solid or liquid state - is discussed. For InAs and InP we have demonstrated that gold assisted wires can only grow at temperatures where the particle is solid. We continue with a discussion concerning the kinetic aspects of nanowire growth. Under common growth conditions one observes that thinner wires grow faster than thicker wires, contrary to what was described in the early days of whisker growth. We address and resolve this discrepancy by discussing a simple transport model and comparing the supersaturations of different systems. Finally, we describe the morphology of epitaxial III - V nanowires with emphasis on the crystal structure.

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