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Periodic ZnO nanorod arrays defined by polystyrene microsphere self-assembled monolayers

Liu, D. F. and Xiang, Y. J. and Wu, X. C. and Zhang, Z. X. and Liu, L. F. and Song, L. and Zhao, X. W. and Luo, S. D. and Ma, W. J. and Shen, J. and Zhou, W. Y. and Wang, G. and Wang, C. Y. and Xie, S. S. (2006) Periodic ZnO nanorod arrays defined by polystyrene microsphere self-assembled monolayers. NANO LETTERS, 6 (10). pp. 2375-2378.

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We demonstrate a low-cost and effective method to fabricate hexagonally patterned, vertically aligned ZnO nanorod arrays. Selective wet-etching is used to develop the catalyzing gold particle hexagonal pattern with the aid of a polystyrene microsphere self-assembled monolayer. The gold particles have tunable sizes independent of the polystyrene microsphere's diameter and are inherently round in shape. Each ZnO rod is grown individually from a catalyzing site via catalyst-initiated epitaxy, and the original hexagonal periodicity is well-preserved. The rods have flat ends, and the diameters of the rods can be controlled well by the amount of source materials. This method provides a promising way to create ZnO one-dimensional nanostructures for applications as two-dimensional photonic crystal, sensor arrays, nanolaser arrays, and optoelectronic devices.

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