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Nanoparticle-templated assembly of viral protein cages

Chen, C and Daniel, Marie-Christine and Quinkert, Z. T. and De, Mrinmoy and Stein, Barry and Bowman, V. D. and Chipman, P. R. and Rotello, Vincent M. and Kao, C. Cheng and Dragnea, Bogdan (2006) Nanoparticle-templated assembly of viral protein cages. NANO LETTERS, 6 (4). pp. 611-615.

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Self-assembly of regular protein surfaces around nanoparticle templates provides a new class of hybrid biomaterials with potential applications in medical imaging and in bioanalytical sensing. We report here the first example of efficiently self-assembled virus-like particles (VLPs) having a brome mosaic virus protein coat and a functionalized gold core. The present study indicates that functionalized gold particles can initiate VLP assembly by mimicking the electrostatic behavior of the nucleic acid component of the native virus. These VLP constructs are symmetric, with the protein stoichiometry and packaging properties indicating similarity to the icosahedral packing of the capsid. Moreover, a pH-induced swelling transition of the VLPs is observed, in direct analogy to the native virus.

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