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Bioconjugated nanoparticle detection of respiratory syncytial virus infection

Tripp, Ralph A. and Alvarez, Rene and Anderson, Blake and Jones, Les and Weeks, Craig and Chen, Wei (2007) Bioconjugated nanoparticle detection of respiratory syncytial virus infection. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NANOMEDICINE, 2 (1). pp. 117-124.

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The integration of nanotechnology with biology has produced major advances in molecular diagnostics, therapeutics, and bioengineering. Recent advances have led to the development of functionalized nanoparticles (NPs) that are covalently linked to biological molecules such as antibodies, peptides, proteins, and nucleic acids. These functionalized NPs allow for development of novel diagnostic tools and methods, particularly for pathogens, as rapid and sensitive diagnostics are essential for defining the emergence of infection, determining the period that preventive measures should be applied, for evaluating drug and vaccine efficacy, and for controlling epidemics. In this study, we show that functionalized NPs conjugated to monoclonal antibodies can be used to rapidly and specifically detect respiratory syncytial virus in vitro and in vivo. These results suggest that functionalized NPs can provide direct, rapid, and sensitive detection of viruses and thereby bridge the gap between current cumbersome virus detection assays and the burgeoning need for more rapid and sensitive detection of viral agents.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:RSV; virus; nanoparticle; bioconjugated; functionalized
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