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Visible-light-responsive nano-TiO2 with mixed crystal lattice and its photocatalytic activity

Tseng, Yao-Hsuan and Kuo, Chien-Sheng and Huang, Chia-Hung and Li, Yuan-Yao and Chou, Po-Wen and Cheng, Chia-Liang and Wong, Ming-Show (2006) Visible-light-responsive nano-TiO2 with mixed crystal lattice and its photocatalytic activity. Nanotechnology, 17 (10). pp. 2490-2497.

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Ultraviolet- and visible-light-responsive titania-based photocatalysts were synthesized and employed in the photocatalytic oxidation of NOx. Sol–gel processes using tetrabutyl orthotitanate and ethanol under acid catalyzed condition and controlled calcination were performed to synthesize titanium dioxide with a mixed crystal lattice of anatase, brookite and rutile phases. The TiO2 prepared under calcination at 200 ◦C exhibited high photocatalytic activity for degradation of NOx under both ultraviolet (UV) and visible-light illumination. The experimental results showed that up to 70% removal of NOx could be obtained in a continuous flow type reaction system under irradiation with visible light. The calcination temperature has an important influence on the particle size and lattice structure of TiO2. It is also found that the peculiar mixed-phase structure of TiO2, evidenced from Raman, x-ray diffractometry (XRD), and UV–vis spectroscopy, was inferred to be an important factor for visible-light absorption and NOx removal activity under a wide range of visible-light illumination.

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