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Highly selective dispersion of singlewalled carbon nanotubes using aromatic polymers

Nish, Adrian and Hwang, Jeong-Yuan and Doig, James and Nicholas, Robin J. (2007) Highly selective dispersion of singlewalled carbon nanotubes using aromatic polymers. NATURE NANOTECHNOLOGY, 2 (10). pp. 640-646.

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Solubilizing and purifying carbon nanotubes remains one of the foremost technological hurdles in their investigation and application. We report a dramatic improvement in the preparation of single-walled carbon nanotube solutions based on the ability of specific aromatic polymers to efficiently disperse certain nanotube species with a high degree of selectivity. Evidence of this is provided by optical absorbance and photoluminescence excitation spectra, which show suspensions corresponding to up to similar to 60% relative concentration of a single species of isolated nanotubes with fluorescence quantum yields of up to 1.5%. Different polymers show the ability to discriminate between nanotube species in terms of either diameter or chiral angle. Modelling suggests that rigid-backbone polymers form ordered molecular structures surrounding the nanotubes with n-fold symmetry determined by the tube diameter.

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