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Proposal for a graphene-based current nanoswitch

Cresti, Alessandro (2008) Proposal for a graphene-based current nanoswitch. NANOTECHNOLOGY, 19 (26).

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We propose a graphene-based model nanoswitch for the control of current flow. The device is made up of a graphene nanoribbon with a longitudinal semi-infinite septum on its left side. The septum defines two terminals, where the current can be selectively directed by means of a high magnetic field and an adjustable potential step induced by a top gate. The device's working mechanism is based on the spatial chirality of currents in high magnetic fields and on the possibility of determining the electron-like or hole-like nature of the particles involved in transport by means of the adjustable potential step. The role of critical parameters such as the width of the ribbon and the presence of disorder are discussed.

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