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Superconducting switch made of graphene-nanoribbon junctions

Liang, Qifeng and Dong, Jinming (2008) Superconducting switch made of graphene-nanoribbon junctions. NANOTECHNOLOGY, 19 (35).

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The transmission of superconductor-graphene nanoribbon-superconductor junctions (SGS) has been studied by the non-equilibrium Green's function method. It is found that the on-site potential U in the center zigzag graphene nanoribbon (ZGNR) of the SGS junction plays an important role in the magnitude of the supercurrent I-c. As the effective Fermi energy mu(eff) (mu(eff) = mu(F)-U) goes from negative to positive, the SGS junction would suddenly transform from an `OFF' state to an `ON' state. And, as mu(eff) increases further, the Ic will continue to increase. This switching behavior of the SGS junction shares the same origin with the zigzag GNR valley-isospin valve (Rycerz et al 2007 Nat. Phys. 3 172). Besides the valley-isospin, the density of states will also have an effect on the suppression of Ic.

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