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Nanotechnologies, Ethics and Politics

Tenhave, Henk (2007) Nanotechnologies, Ethics and Politics. Ethics Series . UNESCO Publishing, Paris. ISBN 978-92-3-104051-1

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UNESCO has invited well-known experts in nanotechnology to discuss the state of the art of nanotechnology, examine the controversy surrounding its definition and explore related ethical and political issues. Research in technologies at the atomic and molecular levels is rapidly growing worldwide. Their promising applications in medicine, manufacturing and communication range from the development of new drugs and diagnostic tools to pollutant removal and prevention, as well as to the production of stronger and lighter materials and revolutionary ways of storing, retrieving and disseminating information Public opinion about nanotechnologies is already divided between the hopes nourished by their potential benefits and the fear of their possible harmful effects on the environment and humankind. In the face of this divide, this book engages in a rare kind of prospective ethical reflection: What health and environmental issues arise with the use of new materials produced by nanoscale technologies? How might nanoscale devices be controlled, and what concerns attend military and biomedical applications of nanotechnologies? What opportunities might these bring for international cooperation addressing the most pressing needs of developing countries? The aim of the book is to inform the general public, the scientific community, special interest groups and policy-makers of the ethical issues that are salient in current thinking about nanotechnologies and to stimulate a fruitful interdisciplinary dialogue about nanoscale technologies among these stakeholders.

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