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Photophysical properties of C-84 major isomers

Booth, Eric C. and Bachilo, Sergei M. and Kanai, Mito and Dennis, T. John S. and Weisman, R. Bruce (2007) Photophysical properties of C-84 major isomers. JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C, 111 (48). pp. 17720-17724.

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Photophysical properties Of C-84 isomers have been measured separately and compared. Intrinsic triplet state lifetimes at room temperature are found to differ dramatically: 4.5 us for the D-2d(II) isomer, 125 mu s for C-s(a), and 640 mu s for D-2(IV). The triplet lifetime of D-2(IV) C-84 represents the second longest found to date among fullerenes. Measurements between 77 and 320 K reveal that the triplet decay kinetics of D-2d(II) is largely temperature-independent, whereas thermally activated channels dominate triplet decay in the D-2(IV) isomer. Oxygen-quenching studies suggest that the T, energy of D-2d(II) lies near 7600 cm(-1) but that of D-2(IV) exceeds 8000 cm(-1). These results highlight the importance of isomeric separation in exploring the rich photophysics of higher fullerenes.

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