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Improved production and separation processes for gadolinium metallofullerenes

Raebiger, James W. and Bolskar, Robert D. (2008) Improved production and separation processes for gadolinium metallofullerenes. JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C, 112 (17). pp. 6605-6612.

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A comprehensive scheme for processing all arc-produced gadolinium monometallofullerenes into separate quantified fractions is presented. As generated by the carbon arc process, endohedral metallofullerenes are entrained in a complex mixture of more abundant empty fullerenes and carbonaceous soot. The process described herein exploits the differences in solubility and redox reactivity between different classes of Gd@C-2n and empty fullerenes to effect their separation from one another. Importantly, the processes not only facilitate use of the normally soluble metallofullerenes, such as Gd@C-82, but also provide access to the normally insoluble metallofullerenes, such as Gd@C-60. In quantifying the Gd@C-2n contents of the different obtained fractions, the normally soluble Gd@C-2n are found to be about a 10% minority of the total arc metallofullerene product, while the normally insoluble Gd@C-2n comprise up to as much as 90% of the total amount of arcproduced Gd@C-2n Thus, new access to the insoluble class of Gd@C-2n in addition to the soluble fullerenes now increases the total availability of monometal Gd endohedrals by up to an order of magnitude.

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