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Carbon nanotube DNA sensor and sensing mechanism

Tang, Xiaowu and Bansaruntip, Sarunya and Nakayama, Nozomi and Yenilmez, Erhan and Chang, Ying-Lan and Wang, Qian (2006) Carbon nanotube DNA sensor and sensing mechanism. NANO LETTERS, 6 (8). pp. 1632-1636.

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We report the fabrication of single-walled carbon nanotube (SWNT) DNA sensors and the sensing mechanism. The simple and generic protocol for label-free detection of DNA hybridization is demonstrated with random sequence 15mer and 30mer oligonucleotides. DNA hybridization on gold electrodes, instead of on SWNT sidewalls, is mainly responsible for the acute electrical conductance change due to the modulation of energy level alignment between SWNT and gold contact. This work provides concrete experimental evidence on the effect of SWNT-DNA binding on DNA functionality, which will help to pave the way for future designing of SWNT biocomplexes for applications in biotechnology in general and also DNA-assisted nanotube manipulation techniques.

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