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White organic light-emitting devices incorporating nanoparticles of II-VI semiconductors

Ahn, Jin H. and Bertoni, Cristina and Dunn, Steve and Wang, Changsheng and Talapin, Dmitri V. and Gaponik, Nikolai and Eychmueller, Alexander and Hua, Yulin and Bryce, Martin R. and Petty, Michael C. (2007) White organic light-emitting devices incorporating nanoparticles of II-VI semiconductors. NANOTECHNOLOGY, 18 (33).

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A blue-green fluorescent organic dye and red-emitting nanoparticles, based on II-VI semiconductors, have been used together in the fabrication of white organic light-emitting devices. In this work, the materials were combined in two different ways: in the form of a blend, and as separate layers deposited on the opposite sides of the substrate. The blended-layer structure provided purer white emission. However, this device also exhibited a number of disadvantages, namely a high drive voltage, a low efficiency and some colour instability. These problems could be avoided by using a device structure that was fabricated using separate dye and nanoparticle layers.

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