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Field-effect transistors based on single nanowires of conducting polymers

Wanekaya, Adam K. and Bangar, Mangesh A. and Yun, Minhee and Chen, Wilfred and Myung, Nosang V. and Mulchandani, Ashok (2007) Field-effect transistors based on single nanowires of conducting polymers. JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C, 111 (13). pp. 5218-5221.

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Field-effect transistors based on single nanowires of conducting polymers (i.e., polyaniline and polypyrrole) were fabricated and characterized. The 100-nm-wide and 2.5-mu m-long conducting polymer nanowire field-effect transistors were turned ``on'' and ``off'' by electrical or chemical signals. A large modulation in the electrical conductivity of up to 3 orders of magnitude was demonstrated as a result of varying the electrochemical gate potential of these nanowires. Single nanowire conducting polymer field-effect transistors show higher electrical performance than field-effect transistors based on conducting polymer nanowire electrode junctions and thin films in terms of their transconductance (g(m)) and on/off current (I-on/I-off) ratio. Furthermore, the performance of single nanowires conducting polymer field-effect transistors was found to be comparable to the silicon nanowire field-effect transistors. These results imply that it is possible to tune the sensitivities of these conducting polymer nanowires by simple control of the electrolyte/liquid ion gate potentials. On the basis of these findings, we demonstrated the ability to tailor the sensitivities of sensors based on single conducting polymer nanowires.

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