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Ultra-high sensitivity of super carbon-nanotube-based mass and strain sensors

Li, Ying and Qiu, XinMing and Yang, Fan and Wang, Xi-Shu and Yin, Yajun (2008) Ultra-high sensitivity of super carbon-nanotube-based mass and strain sensors. NANOTECHNOLOGY, 19 (16).

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Based on the molecular structure mechanics method, the dynamic properties of super carbon nanotubes ( STs), together with ST-based mass and strain sensors, are investigated. The following results are obtained: ( a) the fundamental frequency of the STs is found to be lower than that of the single-wall carbon nanotube ( SWCNT); ( b) the STs may be a potential ultra-high sensitivity mass sensor with a sensitivity about 10(-24) g, which is much higher than that of SWCNT-based mass sensors ( 10(-21) g); ( c) the ST-based strain sensor has a sensitivity as high as 887 Hz/ nanostrain, which is also higher than that of SWCNT-based strain sensors. The obtained results suggest that the STs could be used to design the new generation of sensors due to its high sensitivity and ultra-low density.

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