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Adhesion, friction and wear on the nanoscale of MWNT tips and SWNT and MWNT arrays

Bhushan, Bharat and Galasso, Barbara and Bignardi, Cristina and Nguyen, Cattien V. and Dai, Liming and Qu, Liangti (2008) Adhesion, friction and wear on the nanoscale of MWNT tips and SWNT and MWNT arrays. NANOTECHNOLOGY, 19 (12).

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The nanotribological characterization of carbon nanotubes is fundamental for the exploration of new sliding applications. In this study, a comprehensive investigation of adhesion, friction and wear of a multiwalled nanotube (MWNT) tip, and SWNT (single-walled nanotube) and MWNT arrays has been carried out. A nonlinear response of the MWNT tip is observed when the tip is brought into and out of contact with various surfaces. A nonlinear response occurs due to the buckling of the nanotube and its subsequent sliding on the surface. In addition to the role of surface chemistry, it can also explain the relatively high value of the coefficient of friction obtained on different surfaces, as compared to that of Si and Si3N4 tips. The adhesion and friction studies carried out on SWNT and MWNT arrays using Si tips show that SWNT arrays, compared to MWNT arrays, exhibit lower values, possibly due to lower van der Waals forces as a result of lower packing density and higher flexibility. The wear tests conducted with the MWNT tip and a Si tip on a gold film, at two normal loads, show less damage of the surface when the MWNT tip is used because of the MWNT acting as a compliant spring, absorbing part of the load. Wear tests conducted with a Si tip on SWNT and MWNT arrays show that the arrays do not wear. The tip wear and the friction force in the SWNT array are lower, because of lower adhesion and higher flexibility of the SWNTs, which causes less opposition to the motion of the tip.

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