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SWNT-DNA and SWNT-polyC hybrids: AFM study and computer modeling

Karachevtsev, M. V. and Lytvyn, O. S. and Stepanian, S. G. and Leontiev, V. S. and Adamowicz, Ludwik and Karachevtsev, V. A. (2008) SWNT-DNA and SWNT-polyC hybrids: AFM study and computer modeling. JOURNAL OF NANOSCIENCE AND NANOTECHNOLOGY, 8 (3). pp. 1473-1480.

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Hybrids of carbon single-walled nanotubes (SWNT) with fragmented single or double-stranded DNA (fss- or fds-DNA) or polyC were studied by Atom Force Microscopy (AFM) and computer modeling. It was found that fragments of the polymer wrap in several layers around the nanotube, forming a strand-like spindle. In contrast to the fss-DNA, the fds-DNA also forms compact structures near the tube surface due to the formation of self-assembly structures consisting of a few DNA fragments. The hybrids of SWNT with wrapped single-, double- or triple strands of the biopolymer were simulated, and it was shown that such structures are stable. To explain the reason of multi-layer polymeric coating of the nanotube surface, the energy of the intermolecular interactions between different components of polyC was calculated at the MP2/6-31++G** level as well as the interaction energy in the SWNT cytosine complex.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:DNA; carbon nanotubes; bionanohybrids; atom force Microscopy; biocompatibility; ab initio calculation
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