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Dynamics of paramagnetic metallofullerenes in carbon nanotube peapods

Warner, Jamie H. and Watt, Andrew A. R. and Ge, Ling and Porfyrakis, Kyriakos and Akachi, Takao and Okimoto, Haruya and Ito, Yasuhiro and Ardavan, Arzhang and Montanari, Barbara and Jefferson, John H. and Harrison, Nicholas M. and Shinohara, Hisanori and Briggs, G. Andrew D. (2008) Dynamics of paramagnetic metallofullerenes in carbon nanotube peapods. NANO LETTERS, 8 (4). pp. 1005-1010.

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We filled SWNTs with the paramagnetic fullerene Sc@C-82 to form peapods. The interfullerene 1D packing distance measured using TEM is d = 1.1 +/- 0.02 nm. The SC@C-82 in SWNT peapods continuously rotated during the 2 s TEM exposure time, and we did not see the Sc atoms. However, SC@C-82 metallofullerenes in MWNT peapods have periods of fixed orientation, indicated by the brief observation of Sc atoms. La@C-82 peapods were also prepared and their rotational behavior examined. The interfullerene 1D packing of both La@C-82 and SC@C-82 peapods is identical and thus independent of the charge transfer state for these paramagnetic fullerenes. The La@C-82 metallofullerenes in the peapods have fixed orientations for extended periods of time, up to 50 s in some cases. The La@C-82 spontaneously rotates rapidly between fixed orientations.

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