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Mapping the elastic properties of granular Au films by contact resonance atomic force microscopy

Stan, G. and Cook, R. F. (2008) Mapping the elastic properties of granular Au films by contact resonance atomic force microscopy. NANOTECHNOLOGY, 19 (23).

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Endowed with nanoscale spatial resolution, contact resonance atomic force microscopy (CR-AFM) provides extremely localized elastic property measurements. We advance here the applicability of CR-AFM on surfaces with nanosize features by considering the topography contribution to the CR-AFM signal. On nanosize granular Au films, the elastic modulus at the grain scale has been mapped out by considering a self-consistent deconvolution of the contact geometry effect in the CR-AFM image. Significant variation in the contact area over granular topography arises as the probe is either in single- or multiple-asperity contact with the surface. Consequently, in extracting the elastic modulus from CR-AFM measurements on granular surfaces we considered both the normal and lateral couplings established through multiple-asperity contacts between the tip and the surface. Thus, by appropriately considering the change in the contact mechanics during CR-AFM imaging, variations in the elastic modulus have been revealed in the intergrain regions as well as across individual grains.

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